Your Cat & Other Space Aliens
Mary Turzillo


From "Your Cat & Other Space Aliens"
by Mary Turzillo.

Road Kill

The roadkilled pizza box
will lie scrunched flat by two tire treads.
Late for class, you see pink-gray petal-pointy ears.
You slam on brakes.

You will hit the horn
but the lid of the box will only stir
and when you roll down the window you hear
heartbroken tiny screams
and oh, damn it! you jam the car in park.

The kitten will scream louder now he sees you
and when you move the box, you see
he is bleeding, hind quarters maybe paralyzed.

Avoiding filthy brown and bloody smears
you scoop him onto the box lid
and he will scream at you
help me leave me alone you're killing me help help.

Only later
after his miraculous cure by leftover swordfish,
will it occur to you that he sent out for you,
had you boxed and delivered
and he gets to keep the tip.


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All rights reserved.