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We publish fine books of poetry and allow poets to be the retail and distribution system themselves. Who do we publish? Poets who are serious about their work, who actively read at poetry readings and other events, who our editorial board believes meet our standards of excellence, and deserve to be published.

Good poets reading good poems from good books - that's what we're hoping happens at readings around the country. Consequently, we're keenly aware that we must choose with care the poets we publish, and we do. Then we carefully lay out the pages and just as carefully design the covers. We hope you like the manuscripts we make into books, and we hope yours will be one of them.

vanZeno News
Congratulations to Marge Simon, winner of the 2007 Bram Stoker Award for her poetry collection VECTORS: A Week in the Death of a Planet

Congratulations also to J.E. Stanley and Mary Turzillo for their Rhysling Award nominations in the Short Poetry category.
    Recent Publications

Dragon Soup
by Marge Simon
& Mary Turzillo

The Black Book
Cletus Black


Those Years
Roger Craik


Your Cat &
Other Space Aliens
Mary Turzillo
  Emergency Contact
Claire McMahon
Dark Intervals
J.E. Stanley
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