About Our Policies

We publish the best work of each poet we sign, and give to each ten free copies of the book, leaving the poet to go out in the world to art galleries, museums, coffee shops, wherever poetry is read to an audience, to read from their books, to sell their books, and to pocket the money themselves. We do not send out review copies, or hire distribution agents, or send out returnable copies of books to bookstores.

All vanZeno books have a vanZeno Press ISBN number and are listed in Books In Print. They will be available online through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and the vanZeno webpage. The poet is paid a royalty for every book sold online. However, we believe that the way for the poet to make the most money is by reading out in local venues.

This puts the money where it belongs: in the poet´s pocket. Nobody is likely to get rich, but our purpose isn't money, it's providing a way for deserving poets to get published.


Those Years
Roger Craik
Emergency Contact
Claire McMahon
Dark Intervals
J.E. Stanley
Your Cat &
Other Space Aliens
Mary Turzillo
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